Achim Heidelauf, founder and singleplayer at Heathrun, has been working in the game industry since the mid 90s. Specializing in the areas of international whole-sales was his entry-step into the industry. Achim’s first project as Game Producer was “Knights & Merchants” back in 1998. After that dozens of projects have been produced, but also partly or fully written and designed by him.

But not only the sheer amount of projects that Achim has experienced is unique, what makes Heathrun so helpful as a full-service agency is the fact that both major fields of the game landscape, retail and free2play browser- and client-based MMOs, have been experienced during the 20 years of background. Achim has seen both sides of the table:  after countless years working at various internationally acclaimed publishers, Achim has joined the forces of several developers, mainly Haemimont Games with which the projects “Victor Vran” and the “Official Motörhead Video Game” are being created.

Who else can help more to prepare the perfect pitch or review your game than an extremely experienced Producer and Designer who has worked in all fields of the industry?



HEATHRUN Games founded


01.2012 – 04.2014
Senior Product Manager & Team Leader
gamigo AG


03.2010 – 12.2011
Director Product Management
Playnik / wwg worldwidegames GmbH


10.2006 – 11.2009
Senior Producer & Game Director on Black Mirror II
dtp entertainment AG


06.2002 – 08.2006
Senior Producer (01.07.2003 – 31.08.2006) und Executive Product Analyst (01.01.2006 – 31.08.2006)
Producer (01.06.2002 – 01.07.2003)
CDV Software Entertainment AG


04.2001 – 12.2001
Development Director
ZuxxeZ Entertainment AG


05.1998 – 03.2001
Development Director (01.07.1999 – 31.03.2001)
Producer (11.05.1998 – 01.07.1999)
TopWare CD-Service AG / TopWare Interactive